The Family of Masonry

The first lodge you enter is termed your Mother Lodge. It is termed Craft Masonry because of the history believed to be the genesis of Masonry today.

Once a member, there are several other fraternal groups that you can join with the Craft Lodge as your foundation. Some you might have heard of others not so familiar to you.

The Royal Arch Masonry, Scottish Rite Masonry, and Shrine are all groups that you can join after you have become a member of a Craft Lodge. Under Royal Arch Masonry (RAM) and Scottish Rite (SR) there are other groups that you can join, with membership of RAM and SR as being a prerequisite for membership in those further groups.

Further groups for girls and boys exist.
Girls – Jobs Daughters and Rainbow Girls
Boys – DeMolay

In all cases applying to these does not require membership as noted above. However in some instances that there are masonic connections in a family could be a prerequisite.