What is Freemasonry about?

One of the most interesting facets of Freemasonry is that there is no single authority that is leading the answers to questions like this one. Therefore the response you are about to read comes from one man who is a Mason and what he finds is his personal response to the question. Go to other websites and this question will have different responses. These collective thoughts of many will tend to bring to focus a better response than one man. But to the question – and the answers.

Freemasonry is about making the man a better individual and hence making him more attuned to the society he lives in and building that better society.

Freemasonry reminds him of the importance of civil law and abiding by those laws in a society.

Freemasonry is helping others, volunteering, caring for others.

Freemasonry is treating everyone with respect. We live together harmoniously and Freemasonry reminds us of this daily.

Freemasonry is reading the meanings of symbols of our society, of creating insightfulness.

Freemasonry is abiding by the golden rule – do unto others that which you would wish they do unto you.

There is no single answer; all of the above are Freemasonry.