Welcome to Haida

Welcome to the Haida Lodge 166 Website.

The members are pleased that you have found time to connect with this very unique lodge. Haida Lodge No. 166 is registered under the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon.

Greetings and a warm welcome to the Haida Lodge website, a beacon of Freemasonry nestled in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia. Our lodge, established in 1956 and proudly operating under the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon, extends an open hand of friendship to all who venture here, seeking the light of wisdom and fellowship.

A Unique Heritage

Haida Lodge stands as a testament to the enduring bonds of brotherhood and the pursuit of enlightenment. Born from the vision of members from a single Victoria lodge in 1955, Haida Lodge was conceived as a unique entity in the vast landscape of Freemasonry—our very own ‘daughter’ of a venerable ‘mother’ lodge, a distinction we hold dear in British Columbia and Yukon. From the outset, our founders envisioned a close-knit community, deliberately small, focusing intensely on the philosophical discussions and educational endeavors that lie at the core of Freemasonry’s timeless appeal.

Our Commitment to Intimacy and Education

We cherish our compact size, aspiring not to the vast numbers of our progenitor but to the quality of engagement and depth of our explorations into Freemasonry’s rich philosophical tapestry. Should our numbers ever exceed a hundred brethren, we are resolved to kindle a new light, creating another lodge to continue our tradition of intimate and focused fellowship.

A Warm Embrace for Visitors

Visitors to Haida Lodge are treasured guests, and we go to great lengths to ensure your visit is memorable. Whether it’s your first step into Freemasonry or a return to familiar grounds, the warmth of our welcome aims to make every moment special.

Artistry in Brotherhood

Beyond our discussions and educational pursuits, Haida Lodge is home to a unique collection of artistry. Over the first fifteen years, Bro. Ted Gilbert, a talented brother from our community, carved ten exquisite items adorned with the Haida motif, a celebration of our local heritage and a symbol of our lodge’s identity. These pieces, along with additions from other skilled carvers, bring a distinct aesthetic to our lodge, connecting our present endeavors with the artistic legacy of the Haida people.

Discover More Within

We invite you to explore our site further, where you’ll find photographs of these stunning carvings, a glimpse into the heart of Haida Lodge. Here, amidst the beauty of art and the depth of tradition, you may find a path that calls to you, a journey of enlightenment, friendship, and discovery.

Welcome, once again, to Haida Lodge. May your visit, virtual or in person, be the beginning of a profound and rewarding journey.


The Master's Word - APRIL 2024

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"because I believe myself to be a good man
who wanted to become a better man"

Aims of Haida

The founding members of Haida wished to form a Lodge that would guide its members to better exemplify the teachings of Freemasonry day by day. To this end, unanimous resolutions were passed setting forth the following principles:

1. Fellowship and Masonic Education are considered paramount to degree work.
2. The Lodge itself is recognized as the original and best school of instruction. In support of this principle, all members pledged attendance at all Communications possible and when unable to attend, promised to ensure that the Secretary was notified.
3. Numerical growth of the Lodge would be gradual; and,
4. Membership should never exceed one hundred in number

Speaking of Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry?
Freemasonry can be described as, “a brotherhood of good men meeting and working in harmony; applying strong moral and ethical values to personal, family and community behaviour and upholding a code of protecting and caring for others.” More simply, “Freemasonry gives men of good character the opportunity to make themselves even better.”

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