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1. Your grandmother is hundreds of years old.
2. You don’t like to go counter-clockwise.
3. The words regular and irregular mean something else.
4. Your grandmother is just one year old.
5. You tailgate to see if the bumper sticker is Masonic.
6. The car ahead of you has a Square and Compass sticker. You honk three
times and sincerely wonder why the driver is giving you an odd look.
7. Your children have biblical names.
8. You have a fondness for furniture made of acacia.
9. Your children have the names of Greek gods and goddesses.
10. You love and hate Dan Brown.
11. One more fish stick and you will go crazy.
13. You check to see if the refined gentleman at the bus station is wearing a Masonic ring.
14. You knock at people’s doors and wait for them to return the knock.
15. You spend time scrutinizing old buildings looking for symbols of the Craft.
16. Your English have improved tremendously, albeit your penchance for old
English is rather confusing to your friends and family.
17. Your favourite chair at your family’s dining room is situated in the east.
18. Your wife or house mates are curious with what you do in the bathroom.
19. You Google historical figures and notable celebrities to see if they’re Freemasons.
20. You do not talk about politics and religion but eagerly await the closing of
the lodge so you can talk about politics and religion.
21. You laugh every time you see goats.