Open Installation - Behind the scenes

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For all of us, attending lodge represents a few happy hours spent away from the demands of our regular lives and usual vocations, or at least it should be. But when you enter the lodge room that is already set up, or depart the festive board after another fun evening of fellowship, do you ever stop and pause for a moment to wonder what happens before a lodge, or after? The truth is there are a number of ‘elves’ at work behind the scenes, to make your lodge experience a happy one. Some Brethren stay behind the night after their concordant body meets on the second Tuesday of the month to set up Haida’s furniture for the following evening. And likewise, after the last guests depart from the festive board, there is still the Junior Warden, Stewards and a few helpers busy cleaning up in the kitchen and putting away the plates, cups etc.

It’s true that not everyone can help out in this manner. For some, it is all they can do to rush home from work, gather suit or tux and regalia and dash off to get to lodge in time before the Inner Guard shouts “All inside, Worshipful Master.” And for others, some of whom start work earlier than most, or who have young children, or who simply have ‘run out of gas’, remaining behind after the Festive Board is no option either. All of this is understood, and every brother helps out where he can. But once in a while, cast a kind thought to those ’elves’ who give up some of their time so that the lodge can run as smoothly as it does.